How does your service compare to those of a larger event planning company?

Heading to a chain event company will give you the resources you need, but you’ll lack the sense of journey – something that equips your celebration with a bit of personality. I’ve strategically created my services to be tailored, personalised and centred around a boutique experience – you won’t receive a one-size-fits all solution with Miss N and Co.


How far ahead can you book or organise an event?

I have clients contacting me at all stages of the event planning process. From the initial steps of just getting started and pinning down a venue, through to the ‘panic moment’ where it’s time to lock the entire thing down. I help clients achieve the event they’re after, no matter what stage they’re up to. Typically, the journey with Miss N and Co can begin anywhere from 6 to 12 months before the event, giving us enough time to really nut it all out.


On average, how much do your services cost?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ kind of questions. Because my model is focused on a tailored experience, each project and brief is different from the next. Prices differ according to your requirements, the stage you choose to bring me in on, the time spent on the job, the size of the event and the budget you’ve got to work with.


What can I expect from one of your events?

I’ve worked hard to ensure that every single function I manage is unique – no two are the same. I tailor each event to match the family, group or community involved. That is my point of difference!


What if I’ve begun the planning process and don’t know what to do next?

If you’ve already sat down and worked out some of the elements but are uncertain on how to proceed, I can then help you to plan the rest and tie it all together nicely. While the main ingredients for the recipe may already be taken care of, I can then help you with the finer details.


What kind of events do you work with?

From first birthdays, to 90ths, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and long lazy lunches – I love any kind of event! I’m more of a ‘let’s get it done’ kind of person, rather than a ‘choose from my list of services’ type. If you need an event planned from scratch, or need support along the way, I’m there and ready.