Meet the maker, mover and shaker

I’m Natalie and I steer the ship known as Miss N and Co. I’ve been in the event planning business for more than thirteen years, during which I’ve unearthed and polished my passion for putting on a fab celebration.

I’m all about giving my clients a super personalised experience. From day dot I’ll be by your side, making sure everything’s running seamlessly. Whether you come to me at the very beginning, or approach me in a panic-induced frenzy, I can help you navigate the event planning maze. My tactic to event planning is all about taking the client on a journey. I tease out your ideas, sprinkle them with my expertise and creativity, and whip up your dream celebration.

Not entirely sure what you want? No problem. I love brainstorming with my clients to come up with something that delivers all the goods – from nailing the venue, to perfecting the mood of the lighting, to knowing just how many peonies is too much (yes, it’s a thing).

“A world of pure imagination”

I believe Willy Wonka was a genius for a couple of reasons: one, he made his fortune out of chocolate, and two, he championed “a world of pure imagination”.

That’s what I love about planning events. I love tapping into those little gems of the imagination and finding ways to make the impossible possible. I adore putting my creative hat on and taking an idea from a teeny seedling to complete fruition.

I don’t believe any two events should be the same: I hate the idea of taking a cookie-cutter approach. Each job I take on is tailored to match the specific needs and unique personality of my client.

In addition to my creative tendencies, I’m huge on keeping things organised. To-do lists, diaries, spreadsheets – I love it all. Being an organisational bug allows me to juggle motherhood while fuelling my undying love for event planning.

Big events, boutique services

Whether you just don’t have the time to handle the logistics of planning an event, or you need a professional hand to turn your visions into reality, I’d love to work with you.

From small intimate birthday lunches through to Weddings, Barmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs for hundreds of guests, I love helping people master the art of putting on a celebration with ‘oomph’.

Usually, I work with a client for 8 to 10 months in the lead-up to an event, which means I’ve created some pretty close-knit relationships along the way. I’m always sad to say goodbye to my clients, so it’s a good thing many of them return with juicy new projects I can sink my teeth into.